The Intern Movie: Unexpected Inspiration

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The Intern Movie: Unexpected Inspiration

If you haven’t checked it out yet, please watch the movie, The Intern. I saw it on the big screen a few months ago and again as soon as it was available to watch at home. In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s a film about a 70 year old retired widower named Ben, played by Robert Deniro who takes an internship in a hip fashion ecommerce company headed by a smart 30-something entrepreneur named Jules Ostin, played by Anne Hathaway. Although Deniro steals the show, and actually acts in this film instead of just making faces, Hathaway did her thing too. It’s funny and motivational and one of those films you should see when you’re sitting alone thinking, “What am I doing with my life?”

Overall it was a great story about generations, wisdom and confidence. Not to be shallow, but the fashion and interior design were also so on-point that I was actually smiling at the screen. Have you ever experienced that? When something is so visually pleasing that you want to scream out, Yaasss! But you know that it’s not pleasing to fellow movie goers, so you just hold it in? I know I’m not alone in this, but that scene in the Devil Wears Prada with the Channel boots? Yaasssss!!!

Ok, back to the Intern! Besides echoing all of the things that ring true in my life as a hustling mom who finds herself stuck between guilt and ambition, Deniro’s character was the epitome of gentlemanly grace. Kinda reminded me of my own dad, and my late great uncle and the way they could be supportive without making you feel needy or incapable and protective in a way that never made you feel weak.  For these men, being a gentleman was more than a classic suit, although they knew how to wear them well. Men like these would gladly wrap their designer coat around your shoulders if you’d so much as shiver.

In one scene, Deniro’s character explains to a younger man, why he should carry a handkerchief, “because women cry.” To some this may sound sexist, but to a woman who grew up with her tears being wiped by the soft endearing handkerchiefs of the first leading men in my life, I can tell you a tissue fails miserably in comparison.

Dear Men, if you’re reading…..

Why you Should Carry a Hankie:

  1. Its sophistimicated, especially when you’re dressed up. It looks better than a wad of tissues in your pocket
  2. It’s a signature move, especially for a single guy if he hands a lady his embroidered handkerchief, it’s a total boss act
  3. It’s good for the environment, male or female- think Wash and Reuse
  4. It’s neater for when you don’t want to have little tissue pills all over your clothes and beard
  5. It’s a sweet vestige of gentlemanlier times, and many women appreciate that

Side note: you got to check out Jules Ostin’s wardrobe in this film! It encapsulates the hip, boss-lady, casual, professional tone that is right up my style alley. So, of course I created some wear-to-work outfit idea sets inspired by the movie.Check ’em out:

Here’s a feature from The Window on the costume designer, Jacqueline Demeterio

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