I’m Not Dead

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Yes, I know, I have been missing in action for a few weeks. I started a new job and practically dropped off the face of the earth, well the face of CaraMia Why… I have to admit that my life has been pretty busy and crazy over these past few weeks and I’ve been lying to myself about finding the time to write, or a finding a new topic to write about. The Nitty Gritty has not been so pretty, although I have not abandoned my beauty and wellness routines… you know I’m still out here being cute!

It’s just a coincidence that around the time I created CaraMia Why, March 2015, I stopped writing a year later, March 2016. Most blogs don’t make it past year one, because it’s a lot of work, and not just the writing. There’s the work of staying connected to other bloggers on bloggy sites and link-ups, researching topics, promoting your sh*t on social media, fixing your blog when it breaks for the 3152 time, design, etc…. It’s a whole lot to keep up with, even for those of us who love to write and connect with others through detailed descriptions of exfoliation or Mommie Dearest life tips or the real deal about blogging Moms.

Balance is what I’ve been searching for, but I am not sure if it even exists? Work-life-balance lies…. My life is more of a work-life-spillover. When you’re at work and get a call from your kid’s school-spillover! When you’re at home and remember that you left something very important undone-spillover! Spillover! Spillover! When every dinner conversation with your spouse is about your job, even though you promise not to keep talking about your work- Spillover! Not to mention school-work-life balance. I have accepted the fact that my life will be messy for as long as I have little kids and I remain in a career that I am passionate about. In the meantime, I’ll do my best!

Meanwhile, while I was away dealing with my messiness: Prince is dead, Lemonade happened and Trump has a chance of being our next president. Who would’a thought? Anyway, I need to get back in here and give you more of the Nitty Gritty and sometimes Pretty Life Updates really soon!

About CaraMiaWhy

Cara is a married, (soon to be Health Psychology, PhD) mom of 3 girls, from the Bronx, New York. She is the creator and author of the lifestyle/wellness blog, CaraMia Why, (translation: "My Dear, Why"). She shares stories and tips on beauty, wellness, style, motherhood and life, that you could probably research or discover for yourself, but My Dear, Why?