Rosemary Oil-Be Insanely Beautiful and Beautifuly Sane

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Probably like most people, when I hear of rosemary, I picture the sprigs used to season meats. I definitely never thought about wellness, or beauty, until I read about rosemary oil, and realized what I had been missing. The oil is extracted from rosemary leaves and used for so many non-culinary things.

As it turns out, rosemary oil is great for your mental health, skincare, aches and pains and even indigestion. Sounds crazy, huh? Rosemary oil is a holistic powerhouse that can make you insanely beautiful, while keeping you beautifully sane. I am constantly in search of de-stressing, sanity inducing remedies, so when I learned that just a whiff of rosemary oil could get my mind right, I was on board. Everyone who knows me knows that I constantly teeter on a thin line between quirky and bat-sh*t crazy. Anyway, this stuff has been a life-saver!

Wellness and Beauty uses for Rosemary Oil

Stress and Mood: Rosemary oil, when used as aromatherapy can help ease anxiety, and lower stress. I keep a bottle of pure Rosemary oil on my dresser, because I need quick and easy access for those days when I feel like I might bust a cap in someones a$$. For a quick  and legal mood boost, I just sprinkle a little rosemary oil into the palm of my hand, rub both hands together and cup them over my nose for a few seconds. It has the familiar rosemary scent, like the herb used for cooking, just a little stronger and more like eucalyptus in the way that it opens your nasal cavities. I find the scent relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Studies have shown that rosemary oil aromatherapy can increase mental clarity, cognitive performance and even reduce Alzheimers symptoms? I might start bringing a bottle with me to work. Here’s a little peer-reviewed proof Rosemary Study

Skin care: This oil reduces inflammation, is a natural antiseptic and promotes healthy tissue generation, too. So, it’s great for many skin ailments like eczema, acne, rashes as well as reducing oily skin. Add a little to your moisturizer or oils you already use for skin benefits. I mix mine with my jojoba and castor oil and use it for my oil-cleansing routine.

Hair care: Rosemary oil can relieve dry scalps. promote hair growth and reduce graying when used with olive oil or jojoba oil as a hot oil treatment. Imagine, less grays to cover up or color, or stronger hair that can resist flat ironing, pulling and tugging. It can also treat dandruff due to it’s anti-fungal properties. There’s scientific backing to the claims that Rosemary oil can reduce hair thinning and graying, too.

Digestive issues; Although you can drink rosemary tea, you can also rub some rosemary oil onto your tummy in a circular motion to help with indigestion or any stomach upset.

Pain Relief: Rosemary oil can be used to relieve muscle soreness and even sciatica when massaged into your skin. For this purpose, it is best used warmed along with another oil, such as jojoba, castor oil or olive oil. For headache relief apply a few drops of the oil to your hands and inhale, or use a diffuser.

Insect Repellent: This one is a bonus! It seems that many bugs can’t stand the smell. Rosemary oil can be an effective lice repellent when combined with tea tree oil and eucalyptus and applied to the scalp or behind the ears.

Try it for yourself:

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Before trying any of the aforementioned uses for Rosemary oil please read and follow the manufacturer instructions and guidelines for use that accompany your bottle of Rosemary oil to avoid irritation and injury.


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