Tips for Hosting A Successful Vision Board Party

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OK so, I should have named this post, “the Do’s and Don’ts of hosting a Vision Board Party,” since I learned the hard way, what works and what will make you want to stab one of your guests with your crafting scissors.

First, a couple of definitions: Vision board: A board (either cardboard or bulletin board) on which you place images or words that represent your future goals and aspirations. The ability to see your hopes and dreams often will help them realize faster. Vision Board Party: involves a group of people creating their own vision boards in the same place, and is also an excuse for adults to enjoy snacks and alcohol while playing with glue and scissors.

I hosted a Vision Board Party this weekend at my parent’s house for a few family members and close friends and it was fun overall. I would like to do more of these, but make them better based on this last Vision Board Party experience.

Tips for Hosting A Successful Vision Board PartyHow to have a vision board party.

Invite positive people who have the ability to be introspective. This is so important, since one guest can ruin the experience for everyone by making fun or comments that make others reluctant to create freely, or just be freaking distracting! I learned this the hard way and I felt that other participants did not get the most out of the experience or finish their boards because I wasn’t careful about my guest list.

Send out an invitation explaining the vision board activity instead of trying to surprise others with it. Vision board parties require clear and focused intent as well as a desire to share personal goals and dreams with a group. Give people an option to decline. Bye Felicia!

At least a week before the party, ask guests to start collecting magazines (all kinds), postcards, and pictures to bring to the party. You can also ask them to bring a pair of scissors and a glue stick, unless you have enough of these materials on-hand. Trust me, everyone needs their own scissors and glue! Fighting over materials during the Vision Board Party just kills the creative process and takes away from the positivity that is needed for this event.

Gather enough boards -one for each guest, with a few extra’s. cardboard works, so does posterboard, and cork. Glitter and other arts supplies are optional. I bought a bunch of patterned paper, in case anyone wanted to make her board a bit fancier. I like the idea of having different shaped cardboards available so that guests can choose the ideal size/shape for the space where they’ll keep their vision boards.

At the start of the Vision Board Party, explain the activity and show examples, there are plenty on Pinterest for inspiration, just search for “vision boards.” It helps if you have a computer or laptop nearby so that guests can go through a few examples, but you can do this on a smart-phone, too.

Provide paper and pencils for guests to plan out their vision boards before they start. Because, if you’re like me,you can get caught up in pretty pictures and cool sayings and forget what your major goals are if you didn’t have a plan.

Have fun snacks, desserts and drinks. I prefer alcohol, but not too much and snacks that are not too messy, since you do not want to ruin your or someone else’s board. Make a fun cocktail, or have a few bottles of wine ready.

Although the goal is to leave with a completed vision board, advise everyone to leave space to add more inspiration later. You can even plan a Vision Board Update Party where everyone brings their boards and talks about which dreams have come true or what new one’s they’ve added.

Here are some pictures from our Vision Board Party

Vision Board Party Ideas, Caramiawhy.comVision Board Party Ideas, Caramiawhy.comVision Board Party Ideas,

A Vision Board Party is one of the simplest but rewarding party themes. Try it for yourself, but don’t forget to tell me about it!

Stay inspired!