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I hear about blogging and family/work/balance all the time. You know, how to manage a full time job, family and a successful blog without losing one’s mind and family in the process. But I gotta say, as a newish blogger, between all the writing, reading, promoting, coding and strategizing blogging requires, my family and I are just about sick of me, a lot of the time. There are so many un-glamorous, non-family friendly parts of blogging that just so happen to photograph really well, at least for some bloggers. Meanwhile, my kids refuse to take pictures! It could be because I seem like I want pictures too badly, or that they’re channeling their inner Kayne’s. I think the anti-picture crusade is a form of silent protest in response to my new blogger identity. I try being aloof, like, “come, let me take your picture, or not,” and they usually choose not. So then I try just taking candid shots, while they run away from me. How do the mommy bloggers do this? Bribery, threats, Photoshop their kids into photos? Wait, maybe those aren’t even their real kids in those photos?The Blogger's Family Life, CaraMia Why

Sometimes it’s really evident that my hubby and kids are not that into this blogging thing. I know that my husband loves and supports me, but it’s gotta be hard to witness me becoming consumed by this blogging life. He does not know about half of the things that need to be done to run a one-woman blog, and I’m usually too tired to tell him. I also know, that with all that I have on my plate, including little children, a full time job and a dissertation in progress, what he wants to say, but doesn’t for fear of seeming unsupportive.

Sometimes my oldest daughter says, “all you do is blog,” when I’ve been on the computer all of 5 minutes, checking an email. Then there are those times when I’m in bed with my hubby staring at my tablet because I need to respond to a comment, or to chat with my host service because my site is possessed, but I realize that doing so will spoil our sacred space. Yes, we declared that our bed was a sacred space about a year ago and almost had the pope come bless it but then realized that that would be sacrilegious. So, instead of grabbing my tablet and taking care of business, I pretend to be chill and wait until the middle of the night, when hubby is asleep to sneak and address my blog issue or issues. I usually get caught when he rolls over and it’s not that he says anything, but I still feel like a cheater.

Then there’s the rest of my family and close friends, to whom it may seem like I’ve gone off the deep end with this blogging thing at times. So, I try not to be spammy and weird with the emails on lists that I know my loved ones are on. I know this is bad for promotion, but I don’t want to add to the weirdness that temporarily epitomizes my life as a blogger. There are also times that I feel conflicted when writing about my life because I’m afraid of exposing or embarrassing them or even worst, hurting their feelings. My family and close friends were the first ones to subscribe to my blog, cheer me on and share my sh*t when I had one blog post and my blog was more like a log, with a different tagline every week. Sometimes they ask me questions that I have to laugh about…….after I finish crying. Here are the most common ones.

Questions my family and friends ask about my blog

Was that last post about me? My mom? Kid? Dog?

So, are you making any real money? How much?

OMG, are you famous, now? Cause someone who isn’t related to us commented on your blog thingy….

I just subscribed to your blog, but what the heck is a blog anyway?

Why don’t you blog about ingrown toenails next?

A Family That Blogs Together

Overall, I must say that I answer every question with humility, not only because they are my original fan base, but because without them, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. They support me in ways that they probably don’t even realize. My hubby is no professional coder, but he’s spent hours fixing issues on my blog without me asking, without ever complaining, and he always shares my posts. My parents and in-laws, sisters, cousins and friends read my posts, and make sure to tell me all the things that I’m doing right. My sister-in-law created a Pinterest board, just to pin the images from CaraMia Why. Can you believe that?! When I came to pick my 8 year old up from school, she announced, “My mom has a blog, and she wrote a cookbook, too!” She’s my new PR manager! My oldest, who sometimes proof reads for me, said about one of my blog posts, “I love this one; it really shows all sides of your personality!”
I love these people and I acknowledge the sacrifices and efforts that they make because I chose to blog. There’s a delicate balance between doing what I love and appreciating those who I love. I’m finding it.

About CaraMiaWhy

Cara is a married, (soon to be Health Psychology, PhD) mom of 3 girls, from the Bronx, New York. She is the creator and author of the lifestyle/wellness blog, CaraMia Why, (translation: "My Dear, Why"). She shares stories and tips on beauty, wellness, style, motherhood and life, that you could probably research or discover for yourself, but My Dear, Why?