Somebody Tell My Hormonal Acne I’m Grown

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My Battle With Hormonal Acne

Thinking back on the times when my skin was clear of blemishes is hard to do. I started getting acne when I was about 12 and have had to deal with moderate breakouts and the hyperpigmentation scars they leave behind ever since. I did have little moments of respite, although they were very short-lived. While on birth control my skin was fairly clear from acne, but my hormones were so haywire that I was a raging lunatic, so I am not too sure. During my pregnancies I did have “clearish” skin in my last trimester’s, but postpartum acne was the worst. After my third baby, I looked like the before photo on a pro-active commercial, and I could not find any treatment to rid me of the most awful case of acne I had ever experienced. I caked on the makeup, and visited the dermatologist to get scripts for retinol and rounds of chemical peels to help. What I ended up with was a raw face with patchy dry spots and unwarranted advice from just about every well-meaning person I encountered. Why is it that people feel the need to advise others on skin-care, when there is an obvious issue, like eczema, psoriasis or acne? I mean, thanks for drawing attention to the obvious eruptions on my face that are no match for the concealer I’ve spackled on and the groundbreaking advice you chose to share like: stop wearing make-up, it’s clogging your pores, drink more water, don’t eat chocolate, don’t touch your face with dirty hands, etc.. because without it I would never have noticed that my acne was still visible and I really needed to find out from a random stranger, and I also had never thought about any of the possible causes of my acne and was just waiting for you -not a dermatologist, to come along enlighten me! What would I do without you tactless, unsolicited-advice-givers??!!

Hormonal Acne & Oil

Cut to about 2 years ago, I discovered oil-cleansing and realized that an over-production of oil was causing most of my acne. as counter-intuitive as it sounds oil is perfect for oily skin and dry skin. I have combination skin with an oily t-zone so, I needed oil to remedy both “facial situations”. The oil-cleansing method took care of 90% of my acne and hyperpigmentation. But even still, I would get the one or two monthly pimples. Now, I’m not talking about the well-behaved ones that pop up and go away when treated with anti-acne gels and creams. I am talking about the painful, bumps that form so far under the skin that there appears to be no end in sight, the kind that stays for weeks and tags your face with a scar to say, “I Was HERE Mutha Effer’s!” This problem left me with mostly clear skin averaging about 1.5 pimples every 30 days, resulting in 1.5 news scars a month that took 3.5 months to fade. I did the math and decided that I would never have clear skin! The acne was usually around my lower jaw and every month I was anxiously standing in front of the mirror ready for the next pimple to appear. Would it be the right side or left this time, one or two?  I felt like I was playing a freaking game of whack-a-mole.

I suspected that my hormones were the culprit so, I looked up hormonal acne and Evening Primrose Oil (EPO). I learned that it balanced hormones and could help with PMS symptoms including acne, bloating and cramps as well as cystic breasts and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I started taking it orally (1300 mg a day) and applying it topically mixed with my Rosemary oil, which is also good for balancing hormones. I have been at this for three months now and it’s working! No more wack-a-mole, No more hormonal acne!

Here’s How I Use EPO to Stop Hormonal Acne 

I take one EPO pill a day, I use this one: Nature’s Way Evening Primrose Cold Pressed 1300mg, 120 Softgels

I mix EPO and Rosemary Oil and apply them twice a day, after I wash my face. Tip: You could puncture the EPO capsules to get the oil instead, but I thought buying the oil saved time and energy!  Rosemary Essential Oil – Big 4 Oz – 100% Pure & Natural Therapeutic Grade – Premium Quality – Great for Hair Strengthening and Dandruff as well Aches & Pains
ORGANIC EVENING PRIMROSE OIL. 100% Pure / Natural / Undiluted / Unrefined /Certified Organic/ Cold Pressed Carrier Oil. Rich antioxidant to rejuvenate and moisturize the skin and hair. 0.5 Fl.oz.- 15 ml. by Botanical Beauty

It’s that easy! Give it a try and let me know what you think?

Read More About EPO Here:

How to Use Rose Water for Skin Care

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Happy New Year!!!! I know, it’s been a while since I’ve written about a new beauty tip or discovery, and some of you were like, “What’s up with this CaraMia chick and her random rants and where’s the beauty?” So, it’s only right that I start this year off talking about my new favorite skin care product – It’s Rose Water, and like it sounds it is made from distilled rose petals and is used for tea, in foods and for skin care. Rose water should be part of your skin-care regimen. That must sound totally bougie, right? Well just go on and be bougie while you luxuriate in the most expensive sounding, but inexpensive get-you-all-the-way-together, beauty product, ever!

Rose water is a moisturizing antioxidant with  antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it great for skin care, and it has been used to achieve beautiful skin for ages.  Many skin-care products, like toners list rose water as one of the ingredients, but I prefer to use pure rose water instead for two reasons: 1) It’s cheaper to buy pure rose water than many commercial toners containing rose water and 2) I prefer to use products with the least amount of additives because I have sensitive skin 3) If rose water is listed as the active ingredient, why not just get to the nitty gritty of the benefits?

How to Use Rose Water for Skin Care,
How to Use Rose Water for Skin Care,

How To Use Rose Water for Skin Care

Rose water is used in spa’s to tone skin after treatments and has a calming effect on the skin, so it’s perfect after a clay mask, like my favorite bentonite. It is also balances your own skin’s pH levels which is why it’s perfect for dry, oily or combination skin,  and pretty much anyone who has skin! I have acne-prone skin, that is mostly under control except for a few blemishes here and there. I also suffer from dry skin during the winter months in NYC and rose water has been a great solution for both my acne and dry skin.

Here’s how I use my rose water: after I wash my face, I apply the rose water on a cotton ball and rub it on my face. It works like a toner, and lifts any makeup I may have missed during face-washing and keeps my skin moist and glowy. After I put on my makeup, I also use a tiny bit in a spray bottle to set it. I get my rose water form Amazon, you can check it out by clicking Here! (Affiliate link)

Rose water can also be used for

Reducing signs of aging– it tightens skin and shrinks pores

Dry hair- it moisturizes hair when used as a rinse, or added to shampoo or conditioners

Post shave-for men and women, since it soothes skin with it’s anti-inflammatory properties

Soothing irritated skin– from rashes or sunburns

Fragrance- it’s a very light and delicate scent, sorta like a rose

Reducing puffiness– When applied to the eyelids or under the eyes for 5-10 minutes rose water reduces swelling and bags

Did you know you can make your own rose water too! Check it out here: How to Make Your Own Rose Water

Whether you make it or buy it try it out for yourself, and let me know how you like it. I guarantee you will be hooked!


Brow Game Vicious-Reclaim Your Brows

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The 90’s called…They want their brows back

Brows! Brows! Brows! The most underestimated feature on most people’s faces, that is unless you’re a brow fanatic, like me. I love a good brow, and by good I mean a nice healthy looking brow. Brows were what attracted me to my husband and are probably more important to me than would be considered normal. In fact, there are 3 people on this earth who I would ever allow touch my brows or even come near them. I’m less picky when choosing a GYN!
I know all too well what can happen if brow shaping goes wrong. It can be permanent! Many of us learned the hard way in the 90’s when we were plucking and waxing away not realizing that our brows would never be the same. We had no respect for brows then, look at Jayz’s lyrics, “3 cuts in your eyebrows, tryin’ to wild out” The Cuts in the Eyebrow, trend is trying to resurface, and while I love many of the 90’s trends, this one should be banned because it is blatant eyebrow disrespect!


There are many reasons that one may have sparse brows including illness, heredity, injury or an over-plucking past. Now that thicker brows are in, people longing for the brows of yesteryear, or that they never had, while drooling over pictures of Cara Delevingne. Why are brows so important? Here’s what brows do for your face & your life:

1) They frame your eyes and your face, making you look more put together without a lot of makeup
2) They can make you look younger when they’re full, or older when they’re too thin
3) Help people read your emotions, which is why an extreme arch can make you look confused, or surprised, or just bat-sh*t crazy

Brow Game Vicious,
Image courtesy of

So, what is one to do if they are lacking in the brow area due to plucking or little brow growth? There are several ways to get your brows on fleek. Here are a few that work for me:

1) The best solution is to encourage brow growth or regrowth. There are a lot of serums that have great reviews for brow and eyelash growth, but my favorite one is pure Castor oil. It not only regrows hair on your head, but if applied to your brows twice a day, it can make them thicker.

2) Fill them in using a pencil, powder, or gel, or a combination of those items. I like Anastasia brow pencil because it makes thin lines that look more like hairs than a crayoned in brow. Always brush your brows before filling them in and don’t over-do it. Tutorials are great, but its best to go to a Sephora or makeup counter and have someone help you achieve the brow look you want.

3) Stop over-plucking! Tweezing should be kept to a minimal unless you are very experienced and are using a magnified mirror. It’s very easy to pluck the wrong hair and end up with spaces in your brows. Find a good brow specialist and stick with them. Get said specialists’ cell phone number, social security number and the names of their 3 closet family members, just in case they ever come up missing.

4) If you are in transition, growing out previously tweezed brows, resists the urge to “clean them up,” yourself or even get them professionally shaped too early. Granted, they will look messy while they’re growing in, but a full natural brow will give you more to work with, which means more shaping options. One false move during this stage could derail your brow game. *Remember, you can always hide messy brows with concealer, make them look neater with a highlighter or wear bangs until you can stand yourself again.

Brow Game Vicious


Brow Game Vicious- Reclaiming Your Brows

If you need more brow guidance, here’s some of the best Brow Game Tips via: Maskcara‘s Brow School. Remember, when in doubt, step away from the tweezers!



And The Winner Is….

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Drum roll, please…..Brittany Chadwick!!!! Your gift is on it’s way! Feel free to post an image of it and make everybody jealous!

Giveaway-present, CaraMia Why

Please stay tuned to CaraMia Why, to read more about the Nitty Gritty & Sometimes Pretty Life! I want to continue to be your guinea pig and that means trying beauty and wellness techniques and products so I that can tell you all about them……..and so I can stay cute, of course!

I also want to continue sharing my mostly random rants and love of pretty things like shoes, clothes and accessories, too!

Look forward to more articles on beautification, wellness and life and just so you know, I’m branching out to YouTube y’all! Therefore you’ll get to see ALL of this in action!


Also, look forward to more contests like the Nitty Gritty of Being Pretty…. you may be the next winner!

Holiday, Stocking Stuffers & Small Gifts

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I’m over all the toys, but I love these pretty little gifts. I’ve been a semi-good girl, too! So, hurry down the chimney cause I don’t know how long I can counteract my Resting Bitch Face & attitude Santa!
Santa Baby


Adorable gifts for a special lady…oh, who are you kidding? You’ll keep these!
A Lot Like Christmas


Happy Holidays!

The Nitty Gritty of Being Pretty Contest!

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Hey y’all I’m hosting a contest for one lucky beauty enthused CaraMia Why reader to receive a special gift from me!

If you’ve been reading CaraMia Why, The Nitty, Gritty and Sometimes Pretty Life, you’ll notice that beauty treatments are my thing, and although I’m not all the way crunchy, I do have crunchy-like tendencies like using natural oils and clay in my skincare routine. My beauty regimens are what I like to call the nitty gritty of being pretty. Here are some of the things I’ve been doing and I continue to do because they keep this almost 40 year old, mother of 3 getting carded just about every time I order a drink!

Round up of The Nitty Gritty of Being Pretty

CaraMiaWhy, Oil-PullingOil pulling for white teeth

Oil Cleansing for Acne and Scars

Oil Cleaning for clear skin

The many uses for castor oil, from luscious hair and lashes to arthritis relief
Castor oil for hair lashes and skin


CaraMia Why-Rosemary Oil, Beauty, Wellness,Rosemary oil for soft skin

Bentonite Clay- Multi-tasking in areas of beauty, health and wellness Bentonite Clay for cleaner smaller pores

Dry Skin Brushing Benefits
Dry Brushing for firm skin


Neocell Collagen Supplement, tablets
Collagen Supplements for too many reasons


I have more to add in the future, like Evening Primrose Oil, which I started using just a little less than a month ago to combat PMS symptoms, including hormonal acne, cramps and moodiness, so, I’ll be sure to let you know about how this is going after using it for a little while longer.

The Nitty Gritty of Being Pretty Contest-How to Enter:

Have any of you tried any of the remedies seen on CaraMia Why and would like to share your experiences, good or bad?  Or, do you have questions about any of these beauty tips and remedies that you would like me to answer? Comment on one of my Beauty posts and be entered in CaraMia Why’s, The Nitty Gritty of Being Pretty Contest where you’ll have a chance to receive a surprise gift from me, that I’m sure you’ll love!

Contest entry details: To enter, please comment on a blog post in the Beauty/Pretty Category on CaraMia Why, about your experience using any of the beauty remedies on CaraMia Why, or a question related to any of the remedies or treatments in the Beauty/Pretty category. Contest runs from 12/10/15- 12/17/2015
For more chances to win, tweet your favorite Pretty/Beauty article on CaraMia Why to: @CaraMia_Why
using the hashtag: #TheNittyGrittyofBeingPretty
*Only one comment per blog post and you may comment on as many blog posts as you’d like.
*You can tweet once a day until the contest has ended.


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